Swati Mondal Kuwar Testimony

Aug 23 2016
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Swati Mondal Kuwar Testimony
Pune, India
August 23, 2016

As a little girl I always dreamt of having a fairytale wedding…dressed as a princess waiting at the palace for my prince charming to come and take me along with him… well it all happened d same way…. for us the wedding was perfect….but to have all those special moments captured in your beautiful photographs (through your lens) makes us feel exceptionally special. You have somehow managed to be in all the right spots at the right times. Your work is just amazing…. a class of your own!!!! When people say “I fell in love all over again”….all that came to my mind was those dramatic flicks from romantic movies with autumn leaves in the background….but I felt the same when I laid my eyes on VIVAH pictures of our wedding…. the sneak peek, laughter, tears, promises we made…. just everything…. We just cant thank you enough…. I have actually fallen in love all over again with my husband….and even more with myself 😉 .You have made us look as well as feel beautiful, special….falling short of words!!! You have helped us piece our wedding bit by bit….just similar to going through a vintage album….memories that we will cherish forever… so will our families, friends…. and our chini minis!!!!! Keep up the spirit, the energy and the way you make people around you comfortable!!!!!
Mahesh…. always keep smiling…. that really works wonders!!!!! 😉
VIVAH Team…. You ROCK!!!!!!