Testimonials from our Customers
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Suhas Pawar Testimony

Photography not depend any camera..
Photography depend on our imagination power..!!
All the best

Suhas Pawar Satara January 17, 2019

Amit kolurwar-review-wedding-photgoraphy-vivahphotos

Amit Kolurwar Testimony

What a great photography skills....!!! It’s really awesome, amazing. Love the way they deal with people. All are very humble and give their best with dedication and perfection. I would like to recommend to everyone who is looking for pre-wedding, wedding and kids photo shoot as well as photography education.

Amit Kolurwar Software Professional Pune January 17, 2019

Testimony of Prajkta for Team ViVAH PHOTOS

Prajakta & Amit Testimony

Superb job by vivahphotos team! Special mention - Mahesh Bhor for making every frame beautiful and memorable! Wishing Vivahphotos family all the very best!

Prajakta and Amit Software Professionals Dublin, Ireland September 13, 2016

ViVAH PHOTOS Testimonial by Dinesh Patil

Dinesh Patil Testimony

The unique combination of objects, line and ViVAH PHOTOS makes the photos more creative, apart from the fact that the images are produced based on the photographer imaginative ideas and feelings.
ViVAH PHOTOS…….It is about discovering new pattern, beauty, color, adventure, life, and a lot more.

Dinesh Patil Software Professional Kalyan, Mumbai September 13, 2016

Swati Mondal Kuwar Testimony

As a little girl I always dreamt of having a fairytale wedding...dressed as a princess waiting at the palace for my prince charming to come and take me along with him... well it all happened d same way.... for us the wedding was perfect....but to have all those special moments captured in your beautiful photographs (through your lens) makes us feel exceptionally special. You have somehow managed to be in all the right spots at the right times. Your work is just amazing.... a class of your own!!!! When people say "I fell in love all over again"....all that came to my mind was those dramatic flicks from romantic movies with autumn leaves in the background....but I felt the same when I laid my eyes on VIVAH pictures of our wedding.... the sneak peek, laughter, tears, promises we made.... just everything.... We just cant thank you enough.... I have actually fallen in love all over again with my husband....and even more with myself 😉 .You have made us look as well as feel beautiful, special....falling short of words!!! You have helped us piece our wedding bit by bit....just similar to going through a vintage album....memories that we will cherish forever... so will our families, friends.... and our chini minis!!!!! Keep up the spirit, the energy and the way you make people around you comfortable!!!!!
Mahesh.... always keep smiling.... that really works wonders!!!!! 😉
VIVAH Team.... You ROCK!!!!!!

Swati Mondal Kuwar Pune, India August 23, 2016

Aniket Kuwar Testimony

They are just awesome.  Make you feel at ease and always come up with bright ideas! 
Very enthusiastic, calm and steady always come up with bright ideas! 
Photography is just up to my mark. Just the way i expected and always thought of.

Being with them seems that photography is thier passion and not just business.

Special thanks to Mahesh, hope we see our all best life moments through your lenses.

Aniket Kuwar Chemical Engineer Banglore, India August 23, 2016

Yogesh Khanse Testimony

This is the second time I have worked with mahesh and vivah photos,
And what can I say these guys are absolutely gr8 , they know there work and they r best at it.
And will always recommend vivah for any occasion to capture our memories .... Love you guyz 

Yogesh Khanse Doctor Pune, India August 23, 2016

Abhijeet Kuwar Testimony

To the Fantabulous and ever creative Vivah team,
Thank you so much for capturing all the most important moments of my beloved brother's wedding with such a grace and style. You all are an amazing team with an unbelievable eye for photography. For all those splendid and charming pics capturing so many beautiful memories that definitely helped this wedding to be so special, for now we couldn't think of anyone other than your team..
Thank you so much for your hard work, passion, creativity, love, enthusiasm and your utmost eagerness to capture every moment we had from your eyes. And that we are so happy for it and look forward to work with you all soon in my wedding (LOL, still more years to come).
Wishing your team a blissful life with more encouragement and zeal to boost your photography. All the best for the new experience and adventure ahead.

To all the Vivah Team, you are the best! \m/

Please make it to 10 star rating, damn ! haha

Abhijeet Kuwar Software Engineer Nashik, India August 23, 2016

Vidya Bharambe Testimony

This super talented modest gentleman is an amazing artist... I look at our pics so many times and I am falling in love with my husband all over again and i feel i am getting over gorgeous now 😉 he just knows how to make one comfortable while the shoot and has given us some lifetime memories..

Vidya Bharambe Brisbane, QLD, Australia August 23, 2016

Pradnya Khanse Testimony

If given an option, I would have surely give a rating of 5+

You have created life time memories for both myself and Prashant.. Memories which will always bring a BIG SMILE.. You passion for photography and doing what you love from your heart, brings a sliver lining to each click you take. 
You both made us feel like Celebrities.. It was one of the best dayz spent, since I and Prashant met..

Thank you so much Mahesh and Sachin for this wonderful treasure..Thnku VIVAH Photos 🙂

To Finally sum it up "All the wonderful couples out there, Vivah Photos is the One to create Beautiful-Awesome-Best Lifetime memories for you guyz"

Pradnya Khanse Software Professional Pune, India August 23, 2016

Vikramaditya Mangaonkar Testimony

Met this amazingly creative and energetic team at my cousins wedding...and believe me they were at it from the word go....you have to check there pictures to believe how one can capture photos so beautifully...They are probably the best set of wedding photographers in Pune.. Kudos Team Vivah!!!

You are giving priceless gift to the people ---- "Giving memories to revisit them!!!"

Vikramaditya Mangaonkar HR Executive Mumbai, India August 23, 2016

Prashant Bombe Testimony

असं म्हणतात की आठवणी भूतकाळात विरून जातात आणि बऱ्याचश्या मनात कुठेतरी घर करून राहतात. तुम्ही जी अप्रतिम फोटोग्राफी केली आहे त्या आठवणी केवळ मनातच राहणार नाही तर मला आणि प्रज्ञाला पुन्हा पुन्हा उघडूनहि पाहता येतील.

From my only experience with you guys i can definitely say the location does not matter but the skills of photography you posses to deliver the best is what matters and you have amazed me in that. Thanks a lot for creating beautiful memories which me and Pradnya can cherish forever in our life. Hats off to you guys Mahesh & Sachin. Thanks a lot Vivah photos

Prashant Bombe Software Professional Pune, India August 23, 2016

Bhavana Palande Testimony

My brother’s wedding was on 31 Dec, engagement and Haldi was on 30th December and we got the photographs recently! Words failed in appreciation as I looked into the pics!! I couldn’t have wished more than this, the photos are just so breathtakingly beautiful. Thanks a ton to you Sachin and your creative team for capturing and giving life to each and every beautiful moments from the wedding. The wedding pics were an icing on the cake. Kudos!! sachin for the incredible work you do, for bringing such happiness. I will make sure not to miss you capturing my own wedding pics. 🙂 😀

Bhavana Palande Software Professional Pune, India August 23, 2016

Kumudini Dongre Testimony

Hi the magical team I saw ur journey from scratch. I got married in 2009 at that time it was famous by Sudarshan name n now it's Vivah .

Same team making memories alive of our most memorable event n now it's fixed if there is any marriage in our family our photowale is Bhors that is Vivah .

I wish you all the best , keep doing great things n keep cuming wid new ideas.

Kumudini Dongre Mumbai August 23, 2016

Anu Kulkarni Testimonial

"Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder or in the hands of a good photographer" and Vivahphotos has once again made me look a lot more beautiful and have captured my best moments in lifetime memories. Simply amazing clicks and wonderful work. Keep up the good job. Thank you Mahesh, Sachin and the team.

Anuradha Kulkarni Air Hostess Dubai August 23, 2016

Mohit Sexena Testimony

Our Engagement was covered by Mr. Sachin Bhor and his team. We are glad that we chose Vivah Photos for our lifetime event. They have made our memories come alive through their beautiful and expert photography. You can see the moments and all the emotions of guests and family captured unknowingly along with their happiness for the couple. Excellent work done by Mr. Sachin Bhor and his team to capture all our valuable moments so that we don't miss anything and can preserve it for lifetime. We really appreciate your work. Keep up the great job team.

Mohit Saxena Software Professional Pune August 23, 2016